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FC Rules and Policies

Norma Bates / May 21, 2018
HoC’s environment is one that is supportive, kind and functions as a team. To ensure an enjoyable time, all members are required to review and abide by the FC Rules and Policies at all times, no exceptions.

1. Respect your fellow members and do not, under any circumstances, be rude or offensive to anyone. Be understanding of differences, treat your FC-Mates, their abilities, contributions and achievements, as you would want yourself and the closest people to you to be treated.

2. Celebrate your own and your FC-Mates achievements; We encourage everyone to play at their own pace and spend their time in-game doing what they enjoy most. It's not a race or a competition to be the best or have the best, we're all here to help and support each other.

3. Represent your community in a positive manner by not engaging in any activity that will bring HoC into disrepute. Behaviors such as spamming, harassment, lewd acts or other anti-social actions are not acceptable. We strive to promote and maintain a safe, positive and uplifting Free Company that cares about each member and the environment we create.

4. Spoilers please refrain from revealing to much information regarding the Main Story quest for our newer players to enjoy it as we all did our first time. This rule is not limited to the content of FFXIV, we also expect spoilers about other games, TV shows, and movies to be kept out of FC Chat. If you'd like discuss any of those topics with your FC-Mates take the conversation to a private in-game chat, DMs or Discord spoiler channels.

5. We want all members to be treated with kindness and see that a happy and fair resolution occurs

5a. Mediation If you have a problem arise with another FC-Mate and comfortable you can either try to resolve disagreements civilly and privately or If you feel unsure of how to handle and/or the issue requires extra care we encourage to bring the issue to an Officer or Leader to help mediate appropriately.

5b. Concerns/Feedback/Suggestions Please bring any concerns or issues to an Officer or Leader so we can take the necessary steps to invoke positive and fair outcomes. We love to hear your ideas, if you have one to share that you feel would be beneficial and enjoyable by the group we will consider implementing it.

6. Discord Server/Facebook Group is meant to be an extension of our FC outside of the game to communicate. Membership to each is only valid for current HoC members, others will be removed by weekly roster clean.

7. Raiding/Group Content we all enjoy clearing content but never at the cost of fun. Never ruin that for someone else. HoC is a team, we succeed together not individually. Any FC formed groups should be light-hearted and have the utmost patience and when needed offer explanations to help a successful clear. If you sign up for a group be sure you can arrive when scheduled to be courteous of others time. If you have something preventing you, please let them know to find a replacement for you.

8. Inactivity Removal is possible if inactive for 45+ days and haven't informed an Officer/Leader that you plan to return. Removal from in-game does not mean you are no longer a part of HoC, you will just need to be re-added when you return to the game.

9. Rank System Promotions are earned based on if the rank defines the character. Time with the FC plays a small part in promotions and will remain something that is earned and maintained based on participation, kindness, attitude and the willingness to help others. Dismissal is possible for any rank if they are found to no longer be a positive impact on the FC. Demotion is possible if the character is no longer a reflection of the ranks definition. See Rank Definitions in separate post for more information.

10. Chat Etiquette must be adhered to at all times to be courteous of others all chat channels should remain an enjoyable, helpful and positive atmosphere.

-Be mindful of the message you are sending to make sure it will be received in a positive manner.
-Be considerate of your audience, not every topic is meant for a public channel.
-Refrain from excessive sarcasm, offensive language, and vulgarities.

11. Have Fun and Relax FFXIV is an escape for all of us for one reason or another. We want that escape to provide enjoyment and to be a soft place to land after a long day. Keep your time and the time of others around you in-game a positive one by leaving any IRL stressors at the login screen and unwind with us in Eorzea. Acknowledge there are real people behind these characters; always be kind, considerate and offer to help as you're able and spread those positive HoC Vibes we all know and love!

As always if you have any questions or need clarification on anything please reach out.


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