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FC Rules and Policies

Norma Bates / May 21, 2018
Welcome to all of our new members! We are happy to have you join us and hope you find HoC to be a great fit that you can call home.

HoC’s environment is one that is supportive, kind and functions as a team. All members are required to review and abide by the FC Rules and Policies listed below to ensure an enjoyable time for all.

Company Rules
1. Respect your fellow members and do not, under any circumstances, be rude or offensive to anyone. We must respect each of our differences and enjoy the opportunity to get to know so many different people. Elitist attitudes, Gossiping and the use of insulting language is 100% not acceptable.

2. Spoilers Refrain from revealing information regarding the Main Story quest. This rule is not limited to the content of FFXIV, we also expect spoilers about other games, TV shows, movies and books to be kept out of FC Chat. if you'd like discuss any of those topics with your FC-Mates take the conversation to tells/DMs, party chat or Discord spoiler channels.

3. Mediation Each and every member is valued, we want everyone to be treated fairly and with kindness. If you have a problem arise with another FC-Mate we encourage to confront them directly privately outside of FC Chat to find common ground and work toward a resolution together. In most cases it's a simple misunderstanding or a case of something that has been taken out of context. If you feel the issue requires extra care and will have a negative impact on the FC or others you may bring the issue to an Officer or Leader for them to help mediate.The Leadership team will only involve themselves when the issue will directly impact the FC as a whole.

4. Discord Server/Facebook Our Discord server and Facebook is exclusive to HoC members.

5. Raiding All End-Game Raiding is considered to be a commitment. If you join a group to tackle this content, be sure to set aside the time to attend any days the group agrees on. All members are expected to arrive on time or 10 minutes prior to start time, alert their raid team if they plan to be late or unable to attend so the group can make arrangements to still be able to form on their scheduled day. If you have something preventing you from moving forward with the team, please let them know to find a replacement for you.

6. Inactivity New members become eligible for dismissal if they remain inactive for 30 consecutive days and haven't informed an Officer or Leader that they plan to return. Any players holding the Inactive Rank for 90+ days will be removed unless they have reached out to Norma or posted on the FB stating they plan to return. If you have been kicked due to inactivity private chambers if applicable will be reimbursed, you must let Norma know if your private chambers were demolished. Removal from in-game DOES NOT mean you are no longer apart of HoC, you will just need to be re-added when you return to the game.

7. Rank System New members will be ranked as the Initiate rank Cosmic Dust and will be on a trial basis within the FC for the first 30 days of membership. Upon an Initiate reaching the end of their trial period, dismissal is possible if the member is not a good match to reflect the values of the FC and its current members.

Shooting Star rank and up is awarded based on participation, dedication, attitude and the willingness to help others. Dismissal is possible for any rank if they are found to no longer be a positive impact on the FC. Demotion is possible if the character is no longer a reflection of the ranks definition.

8. Chat Etiquette includes in-game FC Chat and all Discord Channels. All members who are logged in are welcome and can participate in the chat. These rules will be reinforced as needed.

FC Chat should remain an enjoyable and positive atmosphere for all.

  • Be mindful of the message you are sending, since everyone is able to see it make sure it will be received in a positive manner.
  • Spoilers of MSQ should be kept in /tell between individuals who have already completed the story.
  • Keep excessive sarcasm, offensive language, and negative thoughts to yourself.
  • Many Members enjoy every aspect of the game with this being recognized, a public channel is not the place to discuss your disapproval of any content.

9. Lastly, Have Fun! We've grown great friendships and into family. FFXIV is an escape for all of us for one reason or another and only want it to provide enjoyment, never stress, never drama. We understand that IRL takes priority, we acknowledge there are real people behind these characters and have built a community to carry those real friendships beyond Eorzea!



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