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About us

Hand of Cosmos <HoC>
"Success has nothing to do with what we accomplish for ourselves, but the amount of hard work we put forward to others."

What we require:
  • Good sense of humor
  • Positive attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Willingness to help others

What we expect:
  • No Gossiping, Drama, Negativity
  • Represent HoC as a whole in a positive manner in and outside of the FC.

Company Workshop Accomplishments:
  • All Prototypes unlocked - All upcoming additions are unlocked Day One and all members have access to using the Workshop to create their own housing skins.
  • Four Airships - Max Level
  • Four Submarines - Max level
  • Compact Level 6 Aetherial Wheel stand used to prime all of our actions.
  • (Grades 2 and 3)

Additional Details:
Hand of Cosmos established 2014 is a Rank 8 Medium Core Free Company based on the Malboro server. We are welcoming to all types of players from those who focus mainly on end-game content down to those who enjoy the game at a more casual rate‚Äč with mastering their crafts and the market. We have something to offer everyone. We prefer to form FC groups to commit to end-game raids and other content, who are open to use our Discord Voice chat and join our private Facebook group to keep up to date on all FC News and Events. Mansion in the Mist is our members second home equipped with anything you could need. We also have a Craft and Gather team who work diligently together on Workshop Projects and to help members with a variety of different tasks. New members are welcome to join the Craft and Gather team based on their levels and positive attitude and willingness to help others.

We're currently looking to recruit those who value friendship and trust and are seeking a social online community atmosphere to build a strong core of friends and members inside of our Free Company. We do not recruit for numbers, Quality > Quantity.

We hold occasional events to win prizes (TT Tournaments, Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunts, etc.) including PVP and Raids, 24/7 EXP buffs (Grades 2-3).

If interested and have questions and/or want to join please submit an application.